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Mac & PC 
Repair Services


We specialize in all repairs for your desktop and laptop devices. From cracked screens, slow performance, and filled storage, we can handle any repair or upgrade. Stop by our repair shop or mail in your device and we will repair it for you.

Macbook, iMac, & PC Repairs

It doesn't matter whether you have an iMac, Mac Mini, Macbook, PC desktop, or laptop. If it's a computer, we can fix it. Give us a call or stop by the shop for a free estimate.


Laptop Screen Replacement

Cracked screens aren't just annoying, they pose a real risk to your laptop or desktop monitor as well. A crack in your screen can allow air and moisture to get to your display and electronics, causing many more problems.


Battery Replacement

Does your laptop no longer make it through the day? We can help with that. A replacement battery for your laptop will make you feel like you just walked out of the computer store with it.


Keyboard Repair

Spills and popped keys are things most people have experienced. If you've experienced an accident with your laptop or desktop, fear not. The team at Apple Shack can asses the damage and give you guidance on how to proceed with a repair. Call or stop by for a free estimate.


Virus Cleanup & Software

Viruses and malware happen to everyone. Luckily there's Apple Shack! We offer virus and cleanup services and software to get those nasty bugs out of your computer and your system running like new.

Electronic Circuit Board

We Can Fix Your Device

We specialize in all repairs for your smartphone devices. From cracked screens, dock connectors and speakers, we can handle any repair. Stop by our repair shop or mail in your device and we will repair it for you.

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